Severe Gagging at the Dentist

There are quite a few people who suffer from a sensitive gag reflex that can cause severe gagging at the dentist. Of these, a small percentage has a reflex severe enough to interfere with dental care. In many cases, the reflex is so severe that it is stimulated by brushing the teeth and even by eating.

For those who suffer from a "mild" form of gagging, a throat numbing spray and local anesthesia are often all that are needed. A person with 'Mild to Moderate' gagging, Oral Sedation can reduce or eliminate the problem and allow treatment in the dental office. In the more serious and severe cases it is often necessary and best to treat in the hospital operating room using general anesthesia. This "Twilight Sleep" plus a caring and specially trained staff and dentist solve most gagging problems. We take extra time in providing you with a calm environment with a dentist and staff that respect and understand the painful experience of gagging. We are committed to making a large difference in the lives of all our client's.

In the more serious and severe cases treatment is only possible with the client fully asleep under general anesthesia in the safety of the hospital operating room. When it comes to going to the dentist for treatment, there are several people who have fear and anxiety. For some, it is a lot more than just being scared. Often times, this fear is generated from a bad experience with a dentist from the past. People who neglect their dental care because of fear of pain is a major problem.

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