David Kurtzman, DDS - Giving Back

  1. I have given one day per month as a volunteer dentist at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic since 1982
  2. I have been on the board of directors a the Ben Massell Clinic for the past five years
  3. I was a founding member of the social action committee at my Synagogue
  4. I treat one case per month from the catholic church across the street
  5. In my distant past (Dental School) I was a community organizer in North Georgia. I worked under the Department of Human Resources (State), The Department of Health and Human Services (Federal), was a member of the Community Technical Assistance Program of the American Medical Student Association (Brad Seaman and I were the only non-medical members of the AMSA) and started a community health center in Bartow County in 1980. I was the site director of the Georgia Student health Association – a group of professional students from Emory and MCG who went out into rural Georgia putting on health screening clinics (health fairs) to do health screening, benefits counseling and health awareness promotion – in 1979.