Chipped Tooth Repair

When you have a damaged, cracked or chipped tooth, you need professional repair to restore your tooth to health. Dr. David Kurtzman and our friendly dental team can help repair damaged teeth and prevent further dental issues. We offer several dental care services for damaged teeth, including fillings, dental crowns, bonding, onlays and inlays, all at our comfortable office in Marietta.

When the outer enamel of the tooth is chipped or cracked, the inner portion of the tooth can be left unprotected. Decay and infection can take hold, jeopardizing the tooth. The inner pulp of the tooth is much softer and vulnerable to disease if not protected by the hard exterior. Plus, if the structure of the tooth is weakened, the tooth can continue to break and fracture. Repairing a chipped or broken tooth is necessary to protect your oral health, as well as to keep your smile beautiful.

Repairs to Cracked or Broken Teeth

The type of repair needed depends on the damage to the tooth. Small cracks and chips can be filled, bonded or covered with an inlay or onlay to protect the outer tooth. However, if there is more significant damage, a dental crown may be required. A crown or “cap” can cover the damaged tooth and create a completely new exterior for the tooth. Dental crowns are often the most effective way to restore a tooth that has been affected by trauma or extensive dental treatments.

Dr. Kurtzman is an experienced dentist that can quickly restore damaged teeth at our office in Marietta. He specializes in ensuring that our patients are calm and comfortable during any treatment we perform. We offer sedation and sleep dentistry for tooth repairs for our patients that suffer from dental anxiety or other issues that make traditional dentistry difficult. If you need a cracked or chipped tooth repaired, contact our office and schedule your appointment with Dr. Kurtzman.