Cannot Get Numb / Problems With Local Anesthesia

A very few - and very real - number of people cannot get numb and have problems with local anesthesia (the "caine" drugs - lidocaine, articaine, prilocaine, etc.). In some, these drugs do not work and the person can actually feel everything being done. In others, there can be frightening and dangerous reactions including passing out and inability to breath! For these people dentistry is, at best, painful and, at worst, life threatening.

Because of the pain and danger involved with people like this, it is impossible to perform necessary dental work in the dental office with local anesthesia. The best alternative is to do the work in the hospital operating room under general anesthesia.

Whether you can’t get numb or have problems with local anesthesia, we believe that a healthy smile gives an individual more confidence.  Our goal is to provide you with dental care that will give you a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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